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Dejan Kravic

about dejan 

Dejan Kravic is the Founder of Dejan Kravic Skills Academy. He is a 28 year old Serbian born professional basketball player who has spent many years of his life playing basketball around the world. He has a wide array of basketball knowledge and experience that he wishes to share with as many children as possible.  


Dejan's love for basketball developed in high school when he attended Westminster Secondary school in London, Ontario, where he was Captain and MVP on the senior boy's basketball team for three years. In his final year, he led his team to a WOSSAA Gold and OFSAA Silver. After graduation, he played at York University where he was an OUA All-Star and York Male Athlete Rookie of the Year. He then transferred to Texas Tech University to play Varsity basketball for three additional years on a full-ride scholarship. Dejan was a firm believer that while playing varsity basketball was great, accomplishing his academic goals were equally, if not, more important. Dejan completed his undergraduate education in Human Science and a Master's Degree in Exercise Sports Science. As a student athlete, Dejan has earned a number of Academic Excellence Awards, as well as additional athletic awards.

In 2014, Dejan was offered a spot on the training camp roster for the Serbian National Team. By the end of summer 2014, Dejan had signed his first professional contract overseas in Greece. Since, Dejan has also signed contracts in The Netherlands, Belgium, and this year, he signed a 2 year contract in Italy.  


During off-season, Dejan resides in London, Ontario with his family where he is dedicated to training daily by way of intense work out regimens to improve his physical strength, foot work, shooting, and engaging in explosive plyometrics to increase power and speed. He also enjoys playing recreational basketball with friends and former teammates to socialize and stay active. 

Dejan has an extensive background in community involvement, especially with children. He has actively participated in basketball camps for children in Toronto, Ontario (E.g. showcase camps such as Northpole Hoops), as well as youth basketball camps at both York and Texas Tech University. He has attended hospitals and schools around the world as a guest speaker to encourage and empower children to follow their dreams.


Dejan simply wants to share his knowledge and expertise with as many children as possible. He wants to give each child an opportunity to pursue their dreams and teach them that no goal is too big to achieve. He is well diversified and an excellent role model for children of all ages. His ultimate goal is to create a safe space for children to "live, learn, and hoop". Dejan wants to emphasize that education is equally as important as sports and it is possible to be successful at both. The skills learned in basketball, such as team work and self-discipline are transferable skills that can help children in many realms of their life, not just sport.



Srdjan Pejicic

About srdjan

Srdjan Pejicic is the Lead Director of Dejan Kravic Skills Academy. He is a 27 year old Serbian born professional athlete. He currently coaches and volunteers at various youth basketball clinics around Ontario. He also coaches basketball teams within his hometown of Waterloo, Ontario. Srdjan is also a North Pole Hoops correspondent in which he covers high school, AAU, and university basketball. He is passionate about using his skills and expertise to make a positive impact in various communities. Srdjan will be hands on with teaching and guiding children by way of drills, games, and utilizing different skill sets. 


Srdjan attended Bluevale Collegiate Institute in Waterloo, Ontario where he played four years as a part of the boy's basketball team. While there, he was named an All-Star at different high school tournaments around Ontario. His high school successes, both on and off the court, led him to attend Waterloo University on an academic scholarship. While there, he played on the Varsity Men's Basketball team for four years, and was regarded as one of the top shooters to ever play at the University. After graduation, he went on to play overseas as a professional player building his resume. Srdjan's basketball background grows every year with countless hours spend in training programs and coaching teams across Canada.